Share® Bracelets--The Story Behind the Idea

We are often asked about the Share® Bracelets and how the idea came about. During my chemotherapy for cancer I went into a chemo depression. It was a wet paper sack I could not get out of no matter how much positive thinking I put into it. Prior to starting my chemo the niece of a dear friend had made 25 or so bracelets for myself, friends and family to wear until I was through with my cancer treatments. In those darkest of nights, during my chemo depression, I could look down at that bracelet on my wrist and know all of those special people were there for me--not physically but their love and energy always surrounded me. I tell everyone that those simple bracelets were the greatest gift I have ever received. Just to know that 20+ people were sharing this part of my journey with me was priceless.

Today the journey is shared by many who are going through not only the challenges in life but also the milestones. The TYJ Share® Products are that little reminder that someone is there for you--lifting you up and cheering you along the way.

Wherever life takes you--Trust Your Journey!

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  • Beth,
    Thank you for sharing that amazing way your friends and family showed support for you through your chemotherapy! I can NOT even imagine what you had to deal with during that time. I would venture to say, you are stronger than you realize. Take care and best wishes for a healthy life going forward.

    Jill F

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