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A message with a brand that reflects the beliefs and values of two women; a cancer survivor and a young widowed mother. Both found strength and courage in these three simple words. Wherever life takes you--Trust Your Journey.


Beth’s Story     Being diagnosed with breast cancer was a turning point in my life to say the least. Not only was I scared to death, I began to evaluate all that was important in my life. I was so sick but determined to make it. I knew from the beginning that I wouldn’t let cancer get me but I suppose there was always a lingering doubt, an uncertainty of what life would bring that hung heavy on my heart. One day during my treatment, a friend gave me a card with the three words, Trust Your Journey written on it. That was it. It all made sense and brought such comfort and peace to me. I had to believe and trust that this awful cancer would lead to good – someday, somehow. As my health has returned, the next step of my life was to share Trust Your Journey with all women. I felt such motivation and excitement at the thought of helping women around the world. Whether the challenge they face is big or small, Trust Your Journey has the ability to resonate, inspire and comfort. After nine wonderful years developing Trust Your Journey, every day brings new inspiration from those lives we have touched.


Ruth’s Story     Beth and I were co-workers for years but always more than that, we were great friends. She was my confidant as my relationship with my future husband, Tom was developing. Tom and I had known each other since we were kids, but it wasn’t until we reached our thirties that I knew he was the one. The only problem, he was suffering from major health problems including kidney failure. I had waited my whole life to find him and wasn’t about to deny our love because he was sick. We fell in love, got married and had 7 wonderful years. Tom got sicker and was in and out hospitals, was on kidney dialysis, taking countless medications and was on a transplant list. We hoped for the best and decided we wanted to start a family. Nicholas was born and brought such joy to Tom and me. Tom fought for so long but his body just couldn’t fight anymore and we lost him. I’ve gone through so much heartache, but happiness in other ways has come of it. When my little son, Nicholas looks up at me with his big brown eyes and says, “Trust Your Journey, mama” I know that developing this company is what I was meant to do.